Dr. Judith S. Kestenberg (1910-1998) founded Child Development Research in 1961, working with children and parents for the prevention of mental disorder and developmental problems. With her husband, Milton Kestenberg (1913-1991) she founded the International Study of Organized Persecution of Children in 1981. The Kestenbergs and many many associates traveled all over the world interviewing more than 1500 child survivors of the Holocaust as well as children of Nazis, and observers of child persecution. Judith left Poland in 1937 to continue her medical studies in the U.S., Milton left Poland in 1939, on the last ship to leave, the Batoria, in order to visit the World's Fair. They met, both sitting on the floor at a cocktail party in NY and were life partners ever since- though in later years they resorted to chairs. Hard working, dedicated, focused on responding to the need of child survivors, they exhausted everyone around them, and inspired us all. They are missed.

Our Founder - Judith Kestenberg

Judith Kestenberg

Milton Kestenberg