Gross Breesen Project Overview

Gross Breesen was an agricultural training school established in 1936 in Nazi Germany that helped hundreds of young Jewish people escape Third Reich oppression and settle in welcoming countries around the world.

The Gross Breesen Project – a traveling, multi-media exhibit designed to travel to museums, high schools and colleges, Jewish learning centers, and community-based organizations within the United States and abroad – will tell this amazing story. The exhibit combines still photos taken from the training farm in the 1930’s, taped voices of “Gross Breeseners” speaking about their lives, and video footage of survivors. It captures the uniquely historical and educational importance of Gross Breesen which provided Jewish youngsters with the agricultural skills they needed to immigrate into countries desiring farm labor, and the character traits that would help them assimilate into their new surroundings, overcome the pain and chaos of their youth, and achieve success, prominence and productivity throughout their adult years.

The Gross Breesen Project is under the auspices of Child Development Research (CDR), a not-for-profit organization and longtime leader in the study of the psychological phenomena of child survivors of the Holocaust.

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