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Terror coping groups forming with Dr Eva Fogelman and Dr. Helene Bass Wichelhaus. Contact John McCaffry for more information: 212 6278181

Letter from Dr. Eva Fogelman

Dear Holocaust child survivor and loved ones

"The attack on America" has no doubt opened up the wounds we have been working on healing for a long time. We, who have experienced the most barbaric persecution in man's history, to some extent, always wait for the next catastrophe. In our worst nightmares, we probably never thought we would be so vulnerable in America.

No matter how resilient we have become in our everyday life, the sudden unexpected event, whether we were close to death or not, probably has caused us to feel powerless, shocked and numb. Some of us may be feeling rage, depression, overwhelming anxiety, uncontrollable crying, flashbacks to our traumatic childhood, loss of appetite, fear of leaving home, fear of abandonment and guilt feelings for those who were spared.

Do not be alarmed if your feelings are different from those of your neighbors. Our underlying physical, mental and emotional tolerance for stress is different from those who did not have early traumatic histories. We who were told to "forget about the past and go on with our new life" know that we felt isolated, misunderstood and insecure in our new environment.

If possible avoid watching tv many hours at a stretch. The horrific images and stories can exacerbate obsessive thoughts. Try to eat and drink regularly and moderately and rest even if you cannot sleep throughout the night. Do not be alarmed if a few months from now you are still having flashbacks, heart palpations and anxiety. If you have been able to cope and help others, your strength is an encouragement for others. If you lack a supportive environment call us and we will assist you in finding others in your locale or people over the telephone with whom you can share your feelings, thoughts and fears.

As we enter the New Year, we can only hope and pray that our being there for each other will strengthen us and give us the capacity to help each other and help bring humanness back into our world.