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ARTICLES by Judith Kestenberg

(For a copy of any of these articles please send a request with a check or money order for $5.00 to cover the costs of copying and mailing) Contact Us first for availability.

English language articles:

The response of the child to the rescuer. In Echoes of the Holocaust. Bull. of the Jerusalem Center for Research into the late effects of the Holocaust. Vol. 4 June: 1-8 1995

Narcissism in the service of survival (with Ira Brenner). In A Vulnerable Child. Ed. T.B. Cohen, M.. Etezady,. and B. Pacella. Madison CT: International Universities press 1995.

The diversity of child survivors of the Holocaust. In Children, War and Persecution: Proceedings of the Congress. Hamburg, September 26-29 1993 Ed. Stiftung fur Kinder. Pp. 54-6 1. Osnabruck: Secolo Verlag 1995.

Children of Nazi Perpetrators. In Children War and Persecution: Proceedings of the Congress pp. 178-18 1.

Mutual influences of psychoanalysis and of related research on child survivors of the Holocaust. Vulnerable Child Monograph Series, Vol. 2 Eds. Theodore Cohen, M. Etezady & P. Madison, CT: International University Press 1995.

Narcissism in the service of survival (with Ira Brenner) In The Vulnerable Child Monograph Series.

What a psychoanalyst learned from the Holocaust and genocide. The Intemational Journal of Psycho-Analysis. Vol. 74(6):1117-1129, 1993.

Transposition Revisited. Clinical therapeutic and Developmental Considerations. In Ed. P. Marcus and A. Rosenberg Psychotherapy and Holocaust Survivors and Families New York: Praeger Publishers. 1989.

Coping with Losses and Survival. In The Problem of loss and Mourning: New Psychoanalytic Perspectives, P. Shabad, & D. Dietrich. New York: International Universities Press, 1989.

Jewish Christian Relationships as seen through the eyes of children before, during an after the Holocaust (with M. Kestenberg, F. Hogman, and E. Fogelman) in Remembering the Future Jews and Christians during and after the holocaust Pp. 622-636. Oxford England: Pergamon Press, 1988.

Sense of belonging and altruism in Children who survived the Holocaust (with M. Kestenberg) Psychoanalytic Review, 75/4:533-560, 1988.

Nazis’ Quest for death and the Jewish quest for life (with M. Kestenberg & J. Kestenberg Amighi) The Psychological Perspectives of the Holocaust and its Aftermath. Ed. Randolph Braham. New York. Social Science Monographs. 1988, pp. 13-44.

Child survivors of the Holocaust (Ed. J.S.Kestenberg) The Psychoanalytic Review 75(4), 1988.

Imagining and remembering. Israel Journal of Psychiatry and Related Sciences. 24(4) 22 241, 1987.

Development of the ego-deal-Its structure in Nazi youth and in persecuted Jewish Children. Issues in Ego Psychology 1012:22-34. 1987.

Growing up in a Holocaust culture (With Yolanda Gampel) In Psychiatry and Related Sciences. 20/1 &2 129-146, 1983.

In Generations of the Holocaust (several articles) Eds. M.S. Bergmann & M.E. Jucovy, New York Basic Books 1982.

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